Intermedia Work


khubmuGlacier is an attempt to explore the work of Ryoji Ikeda. It uses display matrix in Max/MSP in order to trigger visual using an audio composition as an instruction set. Piece was installed at APPE space in The University of Maine. 


Complete composition can be accessed at the Sonic Arts section of my website

Perpetual is a sonic interactive installation using looped cassette tapes. Audience is invited to record their voices and noises on one of the tapes and set it to play to loop it perpetually until another person uses the tape recorder to overwrite the sounds on the loop cassette. Perpetual aims to investigate looping sounds from various sources without using any digital aid.

Annotation 2019-10-21 105254

#nothere is a video documentation of a collaborative art installation at the State House of Augusta, Maine. A group of artists came together to raise awareness about the refugee crisis and the current political environment in the US.

The Museum of What’s Left (2015) is a part of the Burro Project series, which is a mobile collaboration unit for artists. The Museum of What’s Left was a participatory museum where visitors became collaborators – constructing the collection by bringing an item that has been left behind to contribute. The items then were displayed in the community-curated collection. In keeping with its function as an alternative to the conventional museum, we also invited the viewer to take an item after leaving one. This exchange is not a part of the traditional museum framework.


Joyride is a socially engaged art project derived from tradition of Na Nachs of Jewish tradition where music and dance used as an invitation tool to the project for its audience. 

A small trailer is upfit with audio visual equipment and traveled around the city of Bangor, inviting public to attend the happening.