Berkay Tok

Sonic Arts & Sound Engineering


Interdisciplinary arts, sonic arts, sound installations, socially engaged art, collaborative art forms, sound engineering, sound design, broadcast sound, live sound reinforcement, studio multichannel tracking, recording, mixing and mastering, sound processing. graphical programming environments such as MAX, programming languages such as Python, digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live. Drone flights and aerial video recording.



Bangor Media Publishing / IT Coordinator

September 2015 – PRESENT,  Bangor, MAINE

IT Coordinator for more than 200 hundred employees. Responsibilities include network security, VoIP structure maintenance, help desk coordination, hardware and software support, network administration, internal server side scripting.

University of Maine / Research Assistant

June 2014 – May 2016, Orono. MAINE

Research Assistant for IMRC Facilities. Responsibilities included maintenance of AV Studios and Performance spaces, maintenance and operation of immersive projection room, overseeing AV equipment room for the facilities, conducting workshops, recording sessions, QA hours and collaborative research experiments on sound.

1000 Volt / Sound Engineer

March 2012 – September 2012,  Istanbul, TURKEY

Sound Engineer and Designer. Responsibilities included sound engineering and design for broadcast applications and commercials. Overseeing 7.1 Dolby Licenced studios. 1000 Volt is one of the leading post production companies with branches in Istanbul and Los Angeles.

Anima Kare Kare / Sound Engineer

April 2005 – July 2006,  Istanbul, TURKEY

Sound Engineer and Designer. Anima is a company specializing on character animation and moving 3D. Responsibilities included sound design for character animation, vocoding, voice harmonization and voice transformation/processing applications.


University of Maine / Intermedia MFA

June 2014 – August 2017,  Orono, MAINE

I have been accepted to Intermedia MFA program at University of Maine in 2014 and worked with Dr. Owen Smith, Mike Scott and Nate Aldrich on algorithmic composition, creative practices, interactivity, socially engaged art and data processing. IMFA is a graduate program for interdisciplinary arts where students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary arts, collaborate with other artists and create a multidimensional structure for their art making process.

Boston University / Center for New Music

April  2016  Boston, Massachusetts

IRCAM workshop, I have been selected for workshop on 3D Sound Spatialization, Wave Field Synthesis, microphone and speaker arrays. We have been introduced to the new multichannel speaker array at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I have shared some of my projects with  Gerard Assayag and I have been encouraged to apply for a residency at IRCAM and I’m looking forward to do a residency at IRCAM through my PhD study.

Istanbul Technical University / Sound Engineering and Design

September 2012 – Unfinished/Still Registered,  Istanbul, TURKEY

ITU MIAM is one of the most competitive music graduate schools offering only masters and PhD level studies in advanced music studies. I had the chance to be the 12 students in my academic year to be accepted to the sound engineering degree with a personal scholarship from Turkish contemporary artist/painter Murat Sahinler. Unfortunately even though I have audited many of my second year classes I wasn’t able to get my degree. I still retain my students rights at ITU.

Istanbul University / Faculty of Communication

September 2002 – May 2009  Istanbul, TURKEY

In Turkey most of the undergraduate education is free and students only pay fees. Therefore especially in programs that require real life experience it’s a common practice to take the studies a little bit slow for one or two years and weight a little more real life experience. Unfortunately my break took a little bit longer since my father involved an accident with his motorbike and lost his ability to walk. That required more than a year long physical therapy sessions. I have put an hold on to my studies at that time and after that year with a special permission from our dean I have taken 39 credits in one year and got my undergraduate degree.



Dick Higgins Fellowship Awardee

September 2016 – May 2017,  Orono, MAINE

I have been awarded Dick Higgins Fellowship for $10.000 by University of Maine for my previous year achievements, most importantly the my second year final work named “ISS”.

Maine Art Commission /  Grant

December 2014, Orono, MAINE

Katahdin, the Greatest Mountain; a collaborative audio/visual installation with James Francis Jr, Nate Aldrich, Stanley Lewinski, Duane Shimmel have been awarded with a grant by the Maine Art Commission.

Bilgi University Music BA /  Scholarship

August 2009

I have been offered a scholarship for Bilgi University Music BA. Even though Bilgi University Music Department is one of the most pristine music departments in Istanbul, I have decided to finish my degree in Communication Faculty at Istanbul University and aim for a masters degree at ITU MIAM.

IMRC Research Grants /  Award

2014-2016 Orono, MAINE

I have been granted 3 IMRC Research Grants for my study and project material costs and needs of my artist studio.

Halici Computer Music Contest /  Finalist

November 2011

Halici is Turkey’s oldest computer music contest solely seeking musics composed using computational techniques. I have been nominated for the award in 2011.





Miscellaneous Work

(Non Chronological)

Warp Academy / Online Learning Resource

December 2016

Warp Academy is an online learning center for music education. Mainly consisting of Ableton Certified Trainers, Warp Academy is one of the best resources aiming on Ableton products trainings. My sample and preset pack for Xfer Records Serum Wavetable Synthesizer will be available in December 2016 on the website. I have had incredibly good interactions and live performances with the Warp Academy team lately and my contribution to the team will continue on a regular basis with online classes, training and tutorial videos. For more information about Warp Academy;

Klasik Keyifler

July 2012 – August 2012 Cappadocia, TURKEY

Location recording for Klasik Keyifler Chamber Music Festival. Klasik Keyifler is almost two months long festival that creates a journey of chamber music throughout the history in one of the first settlement of human history with concerts, composer forums and workshops. Klasik Keyifler hosts many renowned instrumentalists, composers and musicologists from all around the world. I have recorded all the performances in 2012 and also collaborated on a performance with Berlin based percussionist Emil Kuyumcuyan on one of my compositions. For more information please visit

Chris Soper, Small Town America / Music Video

January 2016,  Bucksport, MAINE

Music video for Bucksport, ME singer songwriter Chris Soper.

O’Brien Medical /  Commercial

March 2015-March 2016,  Orono, MAINE

Commercials for Orono/Lincoln based medical company O’Brien Medical. Video and Sound Production.

K.o.K / Mastering

August 2013, Istanbul TURKEY

Mastering for post-rock band K.o.K

Ferahfeza / Sound & Ambience Design

August 2012, Istanbul TURKEY

Sound effects, foley and ambience design for Turkish feature film Ferahfeza. Ferahfeza won FIPRESCI prize at Lecce Festival of European Cinema in 2013

Love in Another Language / Sound & Ambience Design

June 2009, Istanbul TURKEY

Sound effects, foley and ambience design for Turkish feature film Love in Another Language. Movie won best feature film in Cyprus International Film Festival and nominated for best screenplay at Canada International Film Festival.

Freelance /  Sound Engineer for Live Sound Reinforcement, Studio Recordings and Broadcast Applications

2005 – 2013

Work includes more than 200 episodes of foley and ADR recording, editing and audio restoration at different companies such as PostPro, Cinemasyon, 8mm and Pana film  using Pro Tools hardware and software systems.

FOH engineer for both Turkish and international artists including grammy nominee Buster Williams and Nicholas Payton Quartet at different venues including Istanbul Jazz Center and Fulya Art and Performance Center.

Machine Club /  Resident


I have performed as a resident at Istanbul’s leading bass music space Machine Club on Fridays 01:00 am to 03:00 am using Ableton Live and a MIDI controller setup.




Operating Systems / macOS, GNU/Linux, Windows

Power user for UNIX based systems, I prefer macOS for audio production and consumer focused projects and I prefer GNU/Linux (Ubuntu with Unity desktop environment) as a development environment. I can service maintain, network and administrate all three operating systems.

Pro Tools / Digital Audio Workstation

Skills: ००००००००००

Pro Tools is my primary choice for tracking, multichannel recording, mixing and mastering for both music and broadcast applications. I own a licensed version of Pro Tools. If I’m wearing my sound engineering gloves Pro Tools is my go to tool.

Ableton Live /  Digital Audio Workstation

Skills: ०००००००००

Ableton is my personal favourite to be creative on audio. Both for performing and creating music Ableton is a great tool. I hold a license for Ableton Live and offer online Ableton education.

MAX /  Graphical Programming Environment

Skills: ००००००००००

Max is every contemporary artist’s introductory toolbox.  I have had indispensable help from Max through my journey and still enjoy using all three different aspects of it to manipulate MIDI, create visuals and perform signal processing applications.

PyCharm Pro w/Anaconda / Python IDE

Skills: ००००००००००

PyCharm was a great help to understand the principles of Python, preventing me from obvious mistakes. As soon as I found Anaconda package manager for Python, Anaconda and PyCharm Pro turned into an essential tool for exploring scientific computational tools for audio signal processing.

FMOD Studio / Audio Middleware for Game Audio Design

Skills: ००००००००००

FMOD Studio audio middleware help game audio designer to create procedural audio designs with flawless integration with all major game engines such as Unity, Unreal and CryEngine

Arduino / Microcontrollers

Skills: ००००००००००

I have some experience with Arduino and its  integration with Max for Live platform using OSC protocol via UDP.

Processing & NodeBox / Programming languages

Skills: ००००००००००

I have used Processing and NodeBox to transform data into visual representations.

Online Classes

Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications / Julius Smith, Xavier Serra


Python /  Introduction to Python programming language


Programming MAX /  Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts